Gemälde alter Meister bis klassische Moderne - Altäre und gefasste Skulpturen

Vorträge und Schulung

Universität Utrecht, Fachhochschule Bern (Praktikant), Fachhochschule Stuttgart (Praktikant), Fachhochschule Dresden, Istituto Centrale di Restauro Rom, Restaurierungsausbildung New York University (Praktikant), Restaurierungsatelier für koloniale Kunst Guatemala City, John Cabot University Rom, Opleiding Restauratoren Nederland (Betreuung von Studenten bei ihrer Diplomarbeit).

‘Transport, verpakking en begeleiding van schilderijen op reis’ (including a manual with practical advices), Nederland Museumvereniging NMV Frans Halsmuseum, Haarlem 1985 and Opleiding Restauratoren OR, Centraal Laboratorium , Amsterdam 1989 [Netherlands]

‘Behoudsaspekten voor toekomstige conservatoren bij bruiklenen’, Kunsthistorisch Instituut, KHI Universiteit Utrecht 1984 [Netherlands]

‘Enkele aspekten van Van Goghs schildertechniek’, Amsterdam 1989 (see also list of publications); lecture held for various occasions in the following years

‘On Eggwhite Varnishes’, IIC Brussel 1990 [Belgium], ÖRV Vienna 1996 [Austria], Firnis Symposium Braunschweig 1998 [Germany] (see also list of publications under the title: Mat Surfaces by Van Gogh and his Contemporaries), represented by René Boitelle

‘Three years at the Van Gogh Museum - first observations and discoveries’, Van Gogh Symposium - Centenary 1990, VGM Amsterdam and Kunsthistorisch Instituut, KHI Utrecht 1990

Objects and Inspiration - Van Gogh’s response to Paris’, Courtauld Institute, London 1992[United Kingdom] 1992 and The Paul Getty Museum, Santa Monica 1993 [United States]

Various seminars and lectures held for students of art history (University of Utrecht) - Practical introduction into conservation and restoration of paintings in the conservation studio of the State owned Art Collections (ICR) in Den Hague from on 1982 and for students of conservation from on 1991

Training courses for the technical staff of museums in art handling, organized by the Central Laboratory, Amsterdam (ICR) in various years

Chairperson of the Seminar “Packing and transport of modern art”, in: Modern Art: Who cares”, The Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage, Amsterdam 1999, pp. 327-335

Seminar and lecture concerning Van Gogh theory of painting technique and related problems for students of conservation at the Academy for Fine Arts, University Dresden, 1995 [Germany]

Seminar and lecture under the same title for the students of conservation at the ‘Istituto Centrale di Restauro’, Rome 1998, 2003, 2004, 2008, 2009 [Italy]

Seminar and lecture with DVD documentation for the students at the “Istituto Centrale di Restauro’, Rome 2004, 2008, 2009 [Italy] about the Conservation of a large canvas painting in upright position - a new approach (Pietro Vanni, Musei Vaticani)

Fenonoma and problems seen through the microscope,- aging and interventions on surfaces of paintings by Van Gogh, lecture held for employees of the Galleries of the Vatican Museums, Rome 2000 [Italy]

Conservation- Restoration-Preservation, A Professional Discipline An introduction for Art Sudents at the John Cabot University, Rome, June 2005

Risky Rescue, Van Gogh Flowers with Heatblisters, painting conservation 2011, paper given at the Symposium in the National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, May 2012

Why Save Art, Lecture and workshop, NYU Abu Dhabi, May 2014

Riskante Rettung: Van Goghs Stillleben mit Hitzeblasen, Vortrag 5. Erfurter Studientag Fachhochschule Erfurt, November 2014